The Banner came into our tenure in January 2013. We were shocked at the poor condition of it and were doubtful if it could be saved. The silk was shredded and was coming away from the border, the centre panel was dirty and water damaged. In the past somebody had tried to repair it with red sticky tape.



                                                                          January 2013


                                                                            January 2013


                                                                            January 2013

The Durham Mining Communities Banner Groups Association put us in touch with Billy Middleton who has worked on many old lodge banners that other professional conservators had refused to touch. Billy has spent many painstaking months trying to piece the silk back together using netting and sticky back tape. The banner has also had a clean and repainted.
Although Billy continues with the restoration and the project remains ongoing these are the latest photographs of the work achieved so far. 

                                                                          September 2013


Restoration of the lodge banner has been supported financially by East Shields & Whitburn Community Area Forum. South Tyneside Council.

                                       New Home April 2014. The Banner in it's new case in Whitburn Library. 

The Lodge Banner is now on permanent display in
Whitburn Library. 
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