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This page is for anyone who wants to display any old photographs of the area, family or friends etc. 

Photograph posted by Derek Wilson 

Derek's grandfather James Burdis Wilson in the centre of the photo on a Whitburn Colliery miners outing.


Photograph posted by Ray Manson


Back row Mary Manson nee Robinson, Peggy and Cissy Berry, Front row Dickie Robinson and Doris Henderson nee Robinson

Photograph posted by Bill Watson


Bill sitting on the wall top left with some of this fellow trainees at Dame Margaret Hall 1963/64. Bill started his working life on the headstead at Whitburn before getting his apprenticeship. He then worked at Harton and Boldon collieries.

 The following 4 photographs posted by Ann Grimes.

Photo below taken above Colliery beach. The bairns in the photo left to right Harry Lee, Kevin Morgan, Michael Kiers and Barbara Stephenson.  


   Some of the men below Fatty Dodds, Bob Craggs, George Cauwood.


 The 2 photos below from the 1950's showing Marsden miners who drank in the grotto on their annual outing to Blackpool. 



   The following 3 photographs posted by Eileen Davison

Eileen's grandad Benjamin Dixon, Special Constable in Marsden & Whitburn possibly 1920 -1930's 

Eileen's dad James Dixon with her Uncle Stan Dawson outside North Street.

Eileen's Mam and Dad's engagement in 1932, North Street Marsden Colliery. 

                             The following 11 photos have been posted by Billy Burgess 





                                  Billy's mother and father with Mr and Mrs Sharpe the Grotto 1957ish.  


                                                        Marsden miners outing to Blackpool


                Marsden Grotto Ted Stephenson and Dickie Robinson (possibly a young Ralph McCaffery)


                                 My Dad with the head injury he received down the pit.

                                     Outside 12 Marsden View with Joe Nilsson


                               My Dad, 24 Hilton Street I don't know who the ladies are.  


                                     Myself and my sister Kathleen 12 Marsden View


                                 Billy Simpson with aunt Kate and cousin Jane, 3 Henry Street Marsden


                 My Mam and Dad 4 and 5 from the right next to Jack and Florrie Souter


                                                My late wife Linda at Marsden beach early 1960's 


                   The girl on top of steps is my late wife's cousin Joyce on hols about 1958


                   Myself and my 2 sisters Jennifer and Kathleen outside our home in Lindsay Street

                       2 photographs posted by Bill Robinson and Alfie Smith of the Rattler.

                                 Alfie's father Charlie Smith standing on the platform to the right

                                                                  Westoe station 

2 photographs and a newspaper clipping posted by Pauline Arkley (nee Kiers)

        Oliver Cauwood (Horse Keeper) - Pauline Kiers (Weighbridge office) - John Mccaffery (Concessionary coal deliveries)  

                                                                         Officials day out.

                                                           Newspaper clipping 








                                 The following 9 photographs have been posted by Derek Wilson






                                                           Whitburn No1 area offices


                                                       Mavis Hart (nee Wilkinson) - Thomas Wilkinson - Muriel Wilkinson 
                                             (Information given by Pauline Marshall nee Wilkinson)




Another great photo from John Davison.

John says "this photo was taken in the early 1950's in a room above the co-op store .The women on the left is Lily McGurrell and the women at the back is Mrs Sutcliffe. The "wee lad" at the front with the checked shirt is Walter Sutcliffe and the young girl to the left is his sister. Other lads and lasses remain unknown.Mainly because I was about 2 when this photograph was taken".



The following 3 photographs have been posted by John Davison.

  Props being delivered to Whitburn's timber yard circa 1900 John's granddad (furthest on the back of the truck). 

                  Jenny Craggs and Annie McKie standing in the double row Marsden Village 1950's

           Miners who drank in the Marsden grotto on their annual weekend trip to Blackpool.

The following 4 photographs have been posted by Dave Gouch.

                                                 Unknown Rattler workers

                                                        Jack and Tom Gouch

                                                    Jack Gouch and Mr Nunn

                                               4 Whitburn/Marsden men in WW1 uniforms

  Two photographs of the Wharry posted by Raymond Cauwood

                                   Walter and Bill Cauwood, Billy Greaves and Peter Hall 


Photos posted by the banner group

                                        Unknown standing at Salmons Hall


                                      Souter Point Lighthouse 1962

                                              The Rattler Redwell Lane

                                                    The wharry 

                                                  Marsden village school

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